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Debuting at Tiki Oasis the "Bum Bob"at 10:15 A.M. on Saturday

An homage to Beachbum Berry, who will be present at selected times. Edtition of 80!

And our brand new set of Pendants!!


Skull Stack

First False Idol mug

Available at False Idol only



Tiki ceramics by

Bosko for False Idol


last year Bosko carved over 1000 square feet of art for the most elaborate Tiki bar we know of, here is his first piece of ceramic art for False Idol in a line of mugs based on some of the many carvings he did for them

These are a limited edition of 125, if you are at Tiki Oasis and visit False Idol you should be able to pick one up.





Last few available

NOW at False Idol


Second False Idol mug

Available at False Idol only



New! Beautiful bright colored Floats (as seen in False idol)





Roll over image to see Wood detail

new warrior shields



custom sizes upon request Round/Square - Tiki or Pattern option


New PNG Style Molding!


Tiki Cat Pendant!!



One-of-a-Kind CARVINGS

Magnificent Marquesan! 8ft!


Warriors in Canoe

NEW!! Honu!

Sea Life & Kittie Cats




Mod Plaques!




Bosko mug archive

Artist Proofs / One-of-a-kinds /

Discontinued for sale!





Mysterious original Exotica

includeseCollectible mini Poster by Mark Ryden 

Exotica Music - the mellow and hypnotic sounds of Truus


Bosko's Original Framed Art Mod Style

Bosko's latest "MODERN MOODS"

Now on a special sale on this website!

Selected pieces For Sale

About the Tiki Artist


custom signage!

Yes we Wholesale!

Vintage style

Mugs / Bowls & More




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