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Staff writer Gary Warth
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Escondido's own Bosko Hrnjak made a name for himself by helping revive tiki culture ---- he was recruited to design the first new tiki bar in the country in 30 years ---- and his revamped Web site is helping bring the retro look to houses everywhere.

Hrnjak's site,, is one of several that offer home furnishings and decorations for a specific niche. Homeowners trying to remodel a room can find a variety of woven mats that can transform bare walls into a thatched hut or an old bar into a tropical drink stand.

Hrnjak still finds times to make original tiki poles, which were selling online for $85 to $425 this week. For interior designs, the site sells hand-carved masks, framed tikis and original artwork. He also sells original candles in tiki designs.

For inspiration about how far the design can go, the site also has a link to Taboo Cove, which Hrnjak designed for the Venetian in Las Vegas.

---- Staff writer Gary Warth



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