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The One and Only

The place where Tiki aficionados meet


Temple Dog Productions

"Making the World Safe for Documentary"
Find out more about Film Maker Paul Desjarlais (who made the Bosko Documentary)

Tiki Gardens
Visit a strange and exciting world; the enchanting land of pagan customs, truly a Polynesian Paradise.

THE source to obtain the potions to put your Groglog into action!

TTTune in to believe this incredible internet radio station.  Exotica galore and so much more!!! Kansas Public Radio

The Princess of "Big Eye", this girl rules!

Check out this site for Tiki Structures still around or near destruction

Cool Mark Ryden ("Juxtaposed Cover Boy, and My Hero") Prints for sale

Site of the ONE and Only Tiki News, the bible of the burgeoning Tiki-revival scene


Before the Devil-Ettes you watched dance by choice: now you watch dance by command! The irresistible command of the Devil-Ettes will entrance you!

Check out (the one and only) Baby Doe's enticing dance group!


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